the monsters in my head 

The monsters in my head won’t shut up today. Telling me I’m not good enough, who am I to date dreaming of selling my art, why apply for Salt & Honey Market when I know I’ll be rejected, I don’t have space to be creative, it’s not the right time…

I try to yell SHUT UP! And they babble on faster than before explaining/verifying/identifying all of my weak spots, where I fall short. 

It’s that low level unhappiness constantly playing right beneath my consciousness which is the most frustrating. How do I make it go away? 

The old “me” wants to smoke all the weed, take a real long nap, or go out for drinks with a friend. I know these will only make things worse so I busy myself with chores, meditate, feel the winter air & sunshine on my face, write in my journal, and get my art supplies out. 

It’s hard to create in this mood, but I know that once I get going I’ll feel so much better. Slipping into that familiar peaceful state… 

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