I’m a master of talking a lot (especially about myself) without revealing what is actually going on in my life. I saw a text post on Tumblr a few months ago that said “sorry I haven’t responded to any of your calls or texts. I was depressed but am feeling better now. Plz don’t talk to me about this in person.” That perfectly sums up my life! I avoid talking about my feelings at all costs. And in the end it hurts me the most. 

One big reason I started this blog was because something inside of me keeps telling me I have to start being open and sharing my experiences with the world. So after months of this nagging sensation, I gave in and posted a few things on here. I just never told anyone about them lol. But a few days ago when I posted about my journey of self love I knew I had to actually share it. So I posted the link on my Instagram and Facebook pages and went to sleep hoping nobody actually read it. 

I was so wrong! The amount of views on my other posts were maybe 2, if I was lucky, but this one got over 20 in just a few hours. And they were from people I know. Not just random people on the internet. “Oh god! Now people are going to know me,” I thought. Which if I’m being honest, is one of my top 3 fears. 

Then, something magical happened. Those people I knew started reaching out to me and sharing similar stories. Past wounds and relationships were discussed openly and finally given closure. I’m realizing more and more that we are all dealing with our demons and nobody has the perfect life you see them project on the internet. One of the best things about allowing yourself to be open and honest are all of the amazing connections you form. 

I’m excited to keep sharing my crazy life with all of you! 

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