I went on the best date last night! I’ve had tinder before but usually I delete it after a few days because there’s nobody hot and I feel super lame trying to find a date on the internet. But I decided to give it another try last week and surprisingly there were a lot of hot guys who seemed pretty interesting. 

So… last night I went on my first ever tinder date. And the bar is set super high now! The guy I met up with is in town for work and staying out in Utah County. I don’t know the area well so looked on Yelp and suggested we meet up at the only bar in town for drinks. 

I pulled up and I was dying laughing. The bar was one of those old social club dive bars! I love places with personality so I went inside to look for him… and he was the only one there besides the bartender! He bought me a glass of boxed wine and we went to our table and started talking about everything from social norms to sugar. It was so fun! 

Usually when I go on dates I get really nervous and flustered but last night I felt completely comfortable and was still attracted to him. That’s huge for me! Normally I can tell I’m into someone by how physically ill I feel lol. 

After the date he walked me to my car and asked to hang out again before he leaves. It kinda sucks that he’s only in town for a week but I would definitely love to see him again! I can’t even say how nice it is to hang out with someone who I have a good vibe with and am attracted to. 

Maybe I won’t be alone forever after all 🙂 

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