I’m really hating all of these retrogrades that are happening right now. Too many people and situations from the past coming back again when all I’m trying to do is move forward. 

Some part of me knows that it’s good to review and see how far I come, how differently I can handle the same recurring issues. But the other part of me is so over it! 

I’ve been feeling stuck so long and am ready to move forward and out of all the sameness life keeps offering me. Have I been failing over and over? Doomed to repeat these same lessons that I’ll never understand? 

I really thought I had made some profound changes and was moving forward, but all this repetition makes me feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Stuck in the mud. Unable to get out of the hole I’ve been digging myself into for almost 30 years. 

I’m over being stuck in the past! I want I understand what I’m missing, learn the lesson, and move on. 

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