just being me. 

What if my purpose is to dig deep down into the dark, forgotten corners inside of me and try to understand what’s hidden there? 

Maybe that’s why I’m obsessed with reading self help books, therapy, astrology, tarot… anything to help me better understand who I am on the deepest possible levels. 

I think that’s it. 

I’m here to be me… and I couldn’t be happier! 

The pressure to be s o m e o n e  or something else has been seriously stressing me out. Now that I can set some clear intentions around that framework it’s time to tap into my hidden abundance! 

No more minimalism and scarcity. I’m ready to be BIG, so watch out lol. 
Besides all the books and webinars, I just found an incredible tool that helped me come to this great realization. 

Check out this free gift Astrologer Henry Seltzer is offering that will help you discover where your soul purpose lies. 


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