romantic love is a disaster 

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and thought that there was only one person who could love and understand me completely. I guess that’s a reflection of wishing for the type of unconditional love you’re supposed to feel during childhood. 

After falling in love and getting my heart broken I stared to understand that to rely on one person to completely understand you isn’t just unrealistic, it’s delusional. I started to realize that certain connections I had with friends fulfilled specific needs and there wasn’t ONE person who could understand my constantly shifting personality. 

So I started to wonder if monogamy is really the best way to go about things… I’m all for being in a committed relationship, but so many couples I know disappear into that weird joint Facebook relationship where they don’t give each other space anymore to cultivate their own personalities. 

What if you decided to be in a committed relationship with solid boundaries and open, honest communication that still allowed you to experience different aspects of yourself through other relationships? 

Would it really be so weird to be married and then go out to dinner with someone exciting and different? Why does developing different aspects of yourself with other people take anything away from the commitment you have to each other? 

I want to live in a world where sharing my love only increases how much more love I have to give, and love isn’t thought to end within the bounds of my relationship. 

2 thoughts on “romantic love is a disaster 

  1. I love this idea. But it seems like it would take prefect timing and both folks on the same wavelength…without either faking anything


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