We finally talked and I was feeling so much better… I even started dreaming again last night. 

It seemed like you were holding back, but I understand why. You really love her and I admire your loyalty to the commitment you made. I never wanted to intrude on that. 

I decided to be grateful for the experience and continue on with an open heart, ready to see what life would bring next. Maybe you were a small nudge in the right direction. A preparation for what’s to come. 

Then this morning, out of nowhere, I started crying uncontrollably in the middle of Whole Foods. wtf. 

What happened? Why was my heart suddenly caught in my throat and tears running down my cheeks? I can’t see anything ahead of me and everything behind is out of reach. 

I’m stuck in Purgatory. Looking back I should’ve realized there was a reason for me being so drawn to that place. How do I get out of here? 

Please send help…

One thought on “purgatory 

  1. Help is underway. Behind the darkness of the day and night is the light of hope. It is in this life we have to make it … once we die it shal be too late … than there shall be nothing any more (if we did not take care), but luckily no purgatory and no hell, just decay man becoming dust again.


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