I’ve been working so long on myself: to heal old wounds, identify unconscious negative thought patterns, and surrender with trust into the flow of life that I’ve been forgetting about the outward stuff lately. 

Doing the inside work is important, but it’s also just as important to develop yourself in the world. Socially, career-wise, financially… 

I do this thing where I get really focused on what’s happening in my emotional world, and I forget to keep working towards my outside world goals and aspirations. Then I’ll look through my journal and remember, “Oh shit! I still have all these goals to work on.”

What really helps me in getting back to a place where I’m focused on both inner and outer wants/needs, is staying present in the moment. It’s so easy to get caught up and carried away in ruminating about every little thing that’s happening (believe me, I am the QUEEN of over analyzing), but ultimately that gets you nowhere. 

And the funny thing is life always seems to come along and gently tap me on the shoulder. Like hey girl, remember to stay on the path that’s been set for you. 

I dreamt last night of two tiny yellow birds, who landed on me and sang the prettiest song. This morning I looked it up and found a lot of info about yellow warblers and this insightful paragraph that really spoke to me:

Warblers are also telling us how to focus our energies. Sometimes we tend to spend our time to things that are not valuable. Make sure that we develop the things that can help us grow, because if not, we will only waste our time and energy. Start from analyzing your talents; hone your skills by undergoing a formal training, and join competition. This will further improve not only your talents but also your self-esteem. (

I’m excited to start focusing on my goals again and what I want to manifest in my life. I kept putting those things on the back burner to dive deeper inside, but I’m realizing more and more that I need to balance both of those worlds. Without balance I’ll never be whole. 

My personal reminder for this week: stay light & remember inside development is nothing without integrating it into your outer world. 

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