Fall Equinox

Happy first day of Fall! The change in seasons is officially here and I’m ecstatic. I love Fall & Winter, mostly because being cozy and cuddling with my mini me and drinking tea every morning are my favorite things. But I also really enjoy the time for reflection that these seasons allow.

During Spring and Summer I find myself rushing around planting new seeds and starting a million projects. But in Fall I finally get to harvest and integrate the experiences I have been enjoying.

One thing I recently learned about the Equinoxes, is that on these two days per year the Sun rises and sets exactly along the equator. I love that symbolism! The balance between all the newness and growth we experience during the first half of the year, and then the turning inward and quiet contemplation of the second half.

Today I went to church (my little spot in the mountains) and thought all about my goals for this change in gears. A lot of times I don’t realize how much I’ve learned until I take time to consciously sort through it all. This summer has been especially eventful so I can’t wait to see what new realizations strike me!

This weekend I’m going to enjoy wearing soft pants and comfy socks and cuddling with my favorite people. How are you going to celebrate Fall?

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