lighten up! 

How can I lighten up when everything feels so heavy and depressing? How can I remember that it’s all just a game… nothing to be taken too seriously.

Being depressed is a lot of work. Physically, mentally, emotionally it takes a ton of energy. How can I redirect that energy into lightness & play? What’s that one physics law that says energy can’t be created or destroyed, just switched around? 

I’ve been so stuck in this funk (and for good reason), but that doesn’t mean I have to keep using my energy to hold myself down. All of that energy can be better used and maybe will help me come up with some magic! I could definitely use some of that right now. 

Low vibration energy gets stuck and doesn’t want to move around. It keeps me in a fog of hopelessness. But high vibration energy moves around a whole bunch! It’s always running, playing, changing, and not getting attached to anything for too long. 

Maybe that’s part of the secret: to not be attached. 

So now I guess it’s just finding practical ways to spend my energy doing things that make me feel light instead of heavy. Swinging at the park, petting the kitties at Best Friends, eating some yummy food, telling inside jokes with my mini me, watching animal videos… Just writing about it makes me excited to redirect my flow to the things that make me happy in life. 

It’s hard to remember this when you’re feeling down though, so maybe I’ll put sticky notes on my mirror or something 🙂 

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