“What you resist, persists”

Check out Astrograph’s article Jupiter in Scorpio: A Trust Fall Into the Depths, for an insightful overview of Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio from October 10, 2017 – November 8, 2018 which is all about allowing this energy to transform you through trust & nonresistance. 

I’ve been personally struggling with attempting to alternately accept and then resist the darkness in my life. Some days I’m so sure that everything will be fine and I feel complete trust in life and the journey that’s unfolding. But other days, I’m pissed that I feel like change isn’t happening as fast as I think it should and I can feel myself resisting the process with all of my power. 

How do I stop resisting and 100% surrender? How do I find peace instead of resentment in what is continuing to play itself out over and over? Where do I find the patience to endure and hope (I use that as an expectation and knowing) for a better future? When I already feel like I’ve given myself completely over in devotion to my path, how can I open deeper? 

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