A Last Quarter Moon of Shedding Layers & Brilliant Potential 

The Last Quarter Moon of November 10, 2017 in the sign of Leo speaks to us of letting go of illusions. This lunar phase is always symbolic of the time period in the growing season after the harvest when the leaves start to whither and return to the earth. This is the time after the Moon’s reflective light has culminated in the sky at the Full Moon, halfway to its return to the darkest part of the lunar cycle. In this case the symbolism points to disillusionment with what was once tacitly accepted, also therefore of the necessity of negotiating what arises in the face of hidden truths being revealed. As masks, and layers of inauthentic self, become peeled away, we are asked to let go of what no longer serves to make space for a more conscious, intentional experiences of ourselves and of reality. This is also a chime with the Libra Equinox, which we just experienced a few weeks ago, and so doubly we may turn our attention to gentle darkness, coming into a greater degree of rest, reflective contemplation, and inner work.

read full article by Leslie Benson here 

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