walls up

I think the hardest part of interaction is talking about emotions, but not allowing yourself to fully feel them. Why do we play that game? Slipping and sliding on the surface, too scared to allow ourselves to swim in the depths of what we really mean.

Despite our attempts to keep our poker face I can feel your soul reaching out to me… or is it me reaching out to you? Either way I’m left with an itch I didn’t all the way scratch. Am I the only one that feels unsatisfied, or do you feel it too?

I think that’s what my therapist was talking about when he said I need to be vulnerable and let it all out. Do I have my walls up just as high and that’s why I keep attracting people like you? People that pretend to be open and vulnerable when they’re really just as terrified as I am to let someone in…

It’s dusk and I thought I saw you smile as you turned your back to me, or maybe it was a tear falling down your cheek. It’s getting dark out and hard to tell from deep inside my shell.

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