following the path thru wildness of my heart

I was still feeling a little sad and off today, so I asked my friend to go with me to yoga. Whenever I’m down, yoga can usually clear out my mind and help me find my center again. And today was the most fun I’ve ever had at yoga! Usually I take it fairly seriously and am super focused on every little alignment and things like that, but today I just played. I felt the most beautiful, graceful, strong, and alive I ever have at yoga. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed during class before, but we did and it was amazing!

Near the end of class we were doing hip openers and all of a sudden I felt a rush of release. All the stuff I had bottled up inside came pouring out and I stared to cry. I’ve never cried like that at yoga before! And then my teacher started talking about answering the call to live our purpose in life and it felt like he was talking directly to me.

When I stared blogging it was because something inside wouldn’t shut up until I did. I never wanted to share my life with anyone. I’m not a sharer like that lol. But I kept feeling an unshakeable need to do it.

Today at yoga I felt that feeling again and heard something inside of me tell me that it was time to start sharing more. That I need to stop being scared and put the whole truth out there. The story isn’t mine anyways. I’m just the way this energy has chosen to be expressed this lifetime.

So… I’m going to stop taking everything so personally. And share ALL of it. No more fear. No partial story. I’m all in. Not sure exactly what form this will take… I’ve been thinking about doing videos, or a podcast, but I’m open and ready to take the next leap so I’m waiting with an open heart and mind until the Universe shows me what is next.

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