how to wait with grace

  • remember that you are not in control
  • don’t have expectations for how things happen or turn out
  • stay open and go with the flow
  • enjoy the ride!


Patience is a virtue I’m trying really hard to learn in this life, it’s not my natural state. When there is something I want, I want it NOW. I’m so caught up in my excitement to experience the thing, that waiting for it seems like it will never come. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because I keep feeling like there’s a something I need to do. This urge keeps gnawing at me and I get anxious thinking that I’ll never figure out what that thing is or how to do it. One of my biggest fears is dying and then finding out I never did what I was supposed to do or was capable of doing. So I feel like I just need to start something! …but I don’t know exactly what lol. If I could just be told exactly what to do, I would totally do it! But it seems like instead of clear instructions I keep finding foggy clues. I also wonder if I’m scaring myself out of just starting something, ANYTHING because I know it won’t be perfect. This week, before my birthday, I’m tuning in to my dreams and guides to figure out what to focus on and DO for the next year. Honestly a lot of this has been releasing and shedding layers that I no longer need. It’s kind of like cleaning up your workspace before you can actually get to work. I’m trying to be ok with that, and realize that is progress too. Without a clear mind and intention I won’t be able to concentrate on what it is I’m trying to do. So this week I’m giving myself permission to not do… to release and rejuvenate and trust that all of this is in service to my greater purpose. I’m practicing waiting with grace. That way, when it’s time to get moving I’ll be free of unfinished business and whatever else has been holding me back.


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