looking forward to what’s next

happy new moon in aries!

Usually for new moon posts I’ll write about things I’ve read that talk about what might happen during the full moon and maybe some intentions I am setting. But, today I decided to just feel it all first before I wrote anything.

And I loved it!

I noticed that instead of setting an intention to do certain things, I was already just doing them. Clumsily yeah, but the point is that I was taking action.

For the past month I’ve been thinking a lot about what I need to do, and change, and be, but it was so hard to actually do those things. Everything felt stuck. Today, I finally felt free.

Instead of stressing myself out and trying to predict how the day would go, I just enjoyed everything as it happened. Right in the moment. I didn’t have to force anything, it all just worked itself out.

And today is just the beginning. So if more of this is headed my way throughout the next few weeks, I’m in.

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