the alchemy of life

What I’ve always thought was my greatest weakness, it turns out, is my greatest strength. I feel everything! And I feel it into the depths of my soul.

Before, I thought that being sensitive was a curse. It’s like living with the tv always on full blast and in technicolor. But recently I’m realizing how dope this is! The way I came to appreciate this special gift is by immersing myself deeper and deeper in life.

Before I would try to numb myself or run away. It was all a lot to process. But for the past few years I’ve started to say yes. Yes to everything! Yes to jobs I don’t think I’m ready for. Yes to relationships I’m pretty sure will end in failure. Yes to whatever life brings to me, no matter how scary and uncomfortable the situation may seem.

And you know what? The more I embrace and celebrate and live, the more highs and lows I allow myself to experience, the more life I live, the more magical it all becomes.

Sure it’s a little crazy to actually live life to the fullest. A lot of people talk about it, but how many people actually do? How many people really let life take them on this ride? And while I’m still learning how to surrender to everything without putting up a fight, I am getting pretty damn good at it.

I know it’s scary to not protect yourself and your heart all time. But that armor is heavy my love. And by closing yourself and your heart off from all the beauty life is trying it’s best to bring you, you are missing out on what this is all about.

Sure making money and “achieving” seem like really noble pursuits, but so many times they are distractions. They keep us from finding out who we really are. They stop us from breaking ourselves open and allowing life to rush in. Heartbreak and loss are just part of the deal. But if you let them, they will turn you into gold.

That’s the real secret: alchemy. That every single horrible and wonderful thing you experience has been given to you in order to help you transform. To guide you one step closer to being. To help you find who you truly are and what you came here to share with the world.

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