full blood moon lunar eclipse in aquarius

Welcome to the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius! That’s a mouthful. And like all of it’s special attributes, you too might be feeling overwhelmed lately. So many planets are retrograde right now, including Mercury, but that’s a whole other post.

Every cell of my body has felt the change in the air over the past week. It’s like an electric current pulsing throughout the atmosphere.

I caught myself doing a lot: worrying, fearing, doubting… all of the things that are keeping me from where I really want to be.

And that’s in the flowwwww.

We come and go, but it’s always there, waiting for us to return. What is it you need to return to? Where have you lost yourself deep in your mind and forgotten that planning, and analyzing, and planning again won’t make you feel as safe as you think.

The only safety is in letting go.

So let go.

Stop holding on so tight to how you think things will manifest and look to see how they are actually showing up in your world.

Everything you asked for is here, it’s just waiting for you to open your eyes and acknowledge it.

I know life has been crazy lately, but take a moment to go somewhere quiet. Outside is always nice. But even if it’s just for one breath, close your eyes and allow yourself to just be.

Rest is an important part of the process. Things need time in the dark to develop and grow. Don’t confuse the quiet with stagnation. Remember that cycles are part of life. Enjoy whatever part you’re at in yours 🙂

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Circe Invidiosa

Painting by John William Waterhouse

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