getting some rest

Maaaan today I have zero energy or motivation to get up. I can’t tell if I’m being lazy or my body really need the rest. I feel like a brick lol.

I’ve been working on things I can still lie down while doing… homework, emails, that kinda stuff. But, I told myself that in an hour I gotta take a shower and tackle the rest of the things on my to do list.

Even writing this seems like so much effort right now lol.

Oh man! I just realized my period is starting soon. That’s probably it. I get way tired and just want to sleep 24/7. My body goes into hibernation mode. I wish I could get work off and just sleep for 5 days straight. That would be amazing!

Well, now that I realized what might be going on I don’t feel so guilty for moving in slow motion this morning. Not forcing things is a continuous practice, especially in a country where it’s always about constant production.

I’m taking a guilt free nap. Take that capitalism!

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