scorpio new moon

From Mystic Mamma

*NEW MOON* in Scorpio
teaches us about Life and Death,
the meaning beneath the words,
and the new life that awaits us
when we allow ourselves
to go beyond the Known.
With Eagle as her Guide,
She sees the Landscape
she is embedded in more clearly,
and CHOOSES with her Divine Will,
A New Point of Assemblage,
A New Foundation
as her point of Reference,
that informs who she is from
Resetting Her Compass
To New Frontiers.

read the entire forecast here.

From Kathy Biehl at Astrology Hub

“Scorpio innately navigates powerful, intense energies that are prone to lurking below the surface. Venus’ retrograde through the sign has been luring some of them to light, as once-important connections and situations have popped up from our histories and our psyches for reevaluation.
“Now this Moon softens the energies (and some of those retrograde visitations) with grace, transcendence and a sense of higher purpose or hand.
“The effect is X-Ray goggles with rose-colored lenses, perceiving darkness through understanding, compassion and forgiveness, viewing matters that scare or discomfit us in the best possible light.
“The mixture helps us embrace, assimilate and move forward on impulses that coursed through life for the first nine months of the year. Those qualities come from the easy flow of a trine from the New Moon to Neptune, lord of transcendence and higher love. From January through August, amplifying Jupiter in Scorpio traveled in the same relationship with Neptune and created a bridge between the deepest and highest parts of our beings. The contact exposed us to cleaning out our psyches and basements. It beamed faith and higher inspiration into our very cells. It encouraged making enormous, outlandish wishes, asking for outright magic, and instinctive, primal urges with wisdom greater than mortal.”

read the entire forecast here.

A special  New Moon in Scorpio call and response ritual from Dana Gerhardt at Mooncircles can be found here. Along with a Scorpio New Moon asana by Jenn Falk.

Also, check out Lisa Stardust’s article on The Hoodwitch for a special New Moon in Scorpio tantric practice here.

And last, but definitely not least, read up on your weekly horoscopes from Jaliessa Sipress for i-D and Ralfee Finn on her site, The Aquarium Age.

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