scorpio new moon

From Mystic Mamma

*NEW MOON* in Scorpio
teaches us about Life and Death,
the meaning beneath the words,
and the new life that awaits us
when we allow ourselves
to go beyond the Known.
With Eagle as her Guide,
She sees the Landscape
she is embedded in more clearly,
and CHOOSES with her Divine Will,
A New Point of Assemblage,
A New Foundation
as her point of Reference,
that informs who she is from
Resetting Her Compass
To New Frontiers.

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From Kathy Biehl at Astrology Hub

“Scorpio innately navigates powerful, intense energies that are prone to lurking below the surface. Venus’ retrograde through the sign has been luring some of them to light, as once-important connections and situations have popped up from our histories and our psyches for reevaluation.
“Now this Moon softens the energies (and some of those retrograde visitations) with grace, transcendence and a sense of higher purpose or hand.
“The effect is X-Ray goggles with rose-colored lenses, perceiving darkness through understanding, compassion and forgiveness, viewing matters that scare or discomfit us in the best possible light.
“The mixture helps us embrace, assimilate and move forward on impulses that coursed through life for the first nine months of the year. Those qualities come from the easy flow of a trine from the New Moon to Neptune, lord of transcendence and higher love. From January through August, amplifying Jupiter in Scorpio traveled in the same relationship with Neptune and created a bridge between the deepest and highest parts of our beings. The contact exposed us to cleaning out our psyches and basements. It beamed faith and higher inspiration into our very cells. It encouraged making enormous, outlandish wishes, asking for outright magic, and instinctive, primal urges with wisdom greater than mortal.”

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hope for the future

I had an almost imperceptible moment of déjà vu this morning; I guess you could call it remembering. Part of me has already lived this, I remember it from my dreams. The future, past, and present are one. Like a layered cake.

My heartfelt desires lead me forward on my path. Towards service, connection, wholeness, community, unconditional love, healing…

I am reminded of the hope the future holds. I am no longer fooled by the all consuming appearance of the dark. What I thought was a monster turned out to be my savior.

My soul is awakening. Remembering her power. It is time for her to finally bloom.

Don’t be scared, my love, you were made for this.

fear in disguise

I guess today is the perfect day to write about fear, it’s Halloween! Lately I’ve written about all of the numbing and distraction and uncomfortability I’ve been experiencing.

My lower back has been killing me. I googled some stuff and realized that it might be psychosomatic pain related to this transition period in my life. I’m trying to birth a new level of existence. When I was in labor with my son, I felt it all in my back. It felt like my spine was collapsing under the pressure of trying to bring the new little life inside of me into the world.

I feel the same way now. And it dawned on me that all the escapism and self destruction have been symptoms of my fear. My fear of being unsupported and lost in this new adventure. My fear that I’ve misunderstood the directions or taken a wrong turn. My fear that I’m going to die and not make it out alive. I guess, part of that is true. The Phoebe that will come out on the other side is definitely not the person I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or even last month.

She’s bigger and brighter and more full of life than any previous versions have been. I’ve been resisting so that I can still feel in control. I’m being asked to jump off the cliff again, and I don’t want to do it! I want to stay where it’s comfortable. I’ve taken some time to sit with this last night and I realized that I broke my promise. I promised to come here and be of service. To allow the universe to work through me to create something incredible.

And I’m the one blocking it. I’m standing in my own way. I got scared to trust again. Scared to immerse myself in the unknown. Last night I dreamt that all of my ancestors were around me, watching out for me, and proud of the progress I’ve made. But this isn’t the end.

I’m terrified of what’s next. I have no idea what is on the other side! From past experience, I know that whatever it is, is better than I can imagine. I must let go of my fear of stepping into the light. Let go of the scarcity that is constantly seeking to control me. Let go of the belief that I don’t deserve all of the good things life has in store for me. Let go of my belief that I’m not enough.

It always circles around back to that, huh?

art by me ✨

full moon in taurus

From Kathy Biehl at Astrology Hub

“The 2018 Full Moon in Taurus promises shakeups and fresh air in relationships, finances and other basic, practical and dear aspects of existence.
The blast may be bracing. It may be disruptive. But it’s pushing our backs toward stability – and the future.
Onward, inward, upward… here we go…”

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From April Elliott Kent at Mooncircles (check out the two other full moon articles on the site as well)

“…each of us, in our Taurus planets or house (don’t know how to find it? this post should help), possesses the sorcery of benign neglect. In some part of your life, you know how to make things grow, how to support life without smothering it, and to comfort those who are fearful. So at the Taurus Full Moon, gather up the compost of fears, failed dreams, and insecurities. Till them into the garden’s soil; then cover it up for the winter and let it rest. By spring, the soil will be strong and refreshed, and ready to nurture fresh, new, and abundant life.”

read the full forecast here.

From Mystic Mamma

Growth happens in the subtle spaces,
beneath the Earth,
before we can see any evidence
of any new beginnings.
Deep down inside, there are changes occurring, 
on a personal level and in the collective.
Behind the scenes, things are shifting
and real change is slowly unfolding.
But it takes time for things
to take shape and give an outward
manifestation of the inward.
Remember this and do not think
that progress is not occurring,
because it is.
As Full Moon rises in Taurus,
take time to ground into
our dear Mother Earth.
Remember that she is alive
and calling us back to her.
We are not Motherless children,
we belong to her.
In her, we can always find
our place of belonging.

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authentically me

I’ve been running away from myself this past week. Trying to shut out the wisdom that has been doing its best to reach me. Numbing and distracting myself by not allowing all the feelings to come through. But I don’t have the energy to keep avoiding myself anymore. I’m dying to be totally me again. I start to feel stuck and out of whack when I stop listening to that unbounded voice inside of me that gently whispers about what’s next. The most fulfilled and joyful me is running free and following her heart.

My favorite dream I’ve ever had about her:

I was going to a friend’s wedding and was going to be one of the bridesmaids. I brought some amazing red gowns that I wanted her to pick from. When I got there the wedding planner didn’t like any of them, and told me to wear a super boring periwinkle dress with a handbag I hated. I wouldn’t do it and ran off to the forest. I was wearing a dress and boots that were like the rainbow, all the colors magically swirling and shifting every moment. I  was climbing the trees and felt so beautiful and wild and free. That’s the real me.

I’ve been searching for a sign telling me what to do next; should I really listen to those mysterious little whispers? How do I take the leap of faith? Usually I just jump off the cliff and think about the consequences later, but I’ve been feeling the need for responsible risk taking lately. That’s made me feel really stuck.

It’s time to follow my heart and trust that I will continue to be taken care of. I can’t believe in a life that would give me such wonderful dreams if I wasn’t supposed to follow them. What would be the point of seeing all those beautiful things, but not being able to achieve them? I really like the concept of faith that I learned from one of my yoga teachers this month. She said that faith is taking the action as if you know that it is real and true, and by doing that you create it. Sounds a little backwards, but that’s always been how it is for me. I do something that seems completely crazy and it opens up a whole new world.

Change has meant a lot of things are ending in my life. Although I am sad, I am deciding to look at it as a new beginning. Without those experiences and relationships I wouldn’t be here to day. And whenever I start to get really sad about something that I must let go, I remember that it will always exist somewhere. In another life or another universe I am there, loving them and enjoying that experience. And I know that there is so much more love to come. Love bigger and more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

I don’t know why whenever things seem to finally settle down, it’s time to shake them up again. But it keeps life exciting! Maybe that’s what peeling off all those layers that aren’t really me is. A constant shedding and recalibrating until everything in my life reflects the real, true authentic me.

art by me ✨


Last night, I finally noticed the almost imperceptible nagging at the back of my mind, and desire to self destruct, are symptoms that I’m feeling: overwhelmed.

I’ve been dying to escape lately. Any way I can find. Whether it’s sleep, Netflix, endless scrolling through Tumblr, or going out. I’ve been tryin to outrun myself.

Working towards my yoga teaching certification is a lot more stressful than I thought it would be. And I think part of that is the feeling that I don’t really want to teach… so why am I pressuring myself to perform above and beyond? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE yoga… the thing is I just don’t understand why I felt called to enroll in the program. And my favorite learning is for fun, whenever grades and stuff start to get involved it’s hard for me to feel motivated to do my best.

Maybe I’m just being lazy?

To be honest, I’ve always had a hard time finishing things. I’m great at starting them, but then I get bored and struggle to push through to the end. It takes a lot to keep me interested, and once I start to feel my attention drifting, it’s hard to get it back.

Plus there has just been sooo much emotionally to process lately (that I’ve been avoiding). I can feel it starting to scream louder and louder for my attention. But I’m scared to look at it up close. I’m so over crying. And I know you gotta feel it to heal it, but I don’t want to! I’m tired of being sad. I guess that never goes away in life though…

I’ve also been feeling a manic need to clean out my closet and get rid of everything I own that doesn’t resonate with me anymore. It’s like a major life facelift. That stresses me out! I don’t know who this new person is, but I know it’s not the old me.

I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin anymore. Like it doesn’t fit right.

And it feels like I’m catching a cold. (Maybe my body is forcing me to slow down and rest and process). I’m so excited for fall break. I’m going to rest and still be productive in manageable ways. I really need some days off.

Also, the news! All the pain and suffering that so many people are speaking out about right now is overwhelming. The world seems like a crazy, hopeless place some days. But I keep telling myself that love always wins. And that even though it’s not my job to heal everyone, I can be as full of love as possible and spread that everywhere I go.

Hopefully after catching up with myself this week I’ll feel ready to take on the world again. That’s what self care is, right? 💜

art by me

libra new moon guides

I think I’ve been waiting for this new moon my whole life. It’s the perfect initiation into all that I’ve been working and dreaming into existence. Enjoy these lovely guides to help you find your balance point for this yummy lunar cycle.

From Mystic Mamma:

*NEW MOON* in Libra asks us to honor that which abides within, as we restructure how we move in the world of relationships. 
It’s been a time of unearthing, sensing and deep feeling. 
There has been much upheaval as Truth rises to be acknowledged.
More than ever we must remember that nothing goes unseen and our truth will always be a beacon when we stand in our integrity.
We are in relationship with every single thing in our lives, and each relationship is our sacred mirror of Reflection. 
This is a powerful time of integration that serves as a catalyzing moment in our Soul’s journey to wholeness. 
We must be loving with ourselves during this time and find the time to connect deeply with our Soul.

read the entire forecast here.

From Kathy Biehl Astrology Hub:

“Transformation is a given, in goals, tribal/family systems and specific arrangements. The New Moon is squaring evolutionary change agent Pluto in Capricorn. He’s the lord of the underworld, and it’s notable that the asteroid participant in the square, Ceres (conjunct the New Moon), is named for the mythological mother who lost her daughter to him six months out of the year. She’s pushing back now, adding issues of nourishment and the mother/child relationship to the growth imperative.

“The old guard and the old ways can fight all they want. Resistance is futile.”

read the entire forecast here.

From Lisa Stardust for The Hoodwitch:

With all the chaotic, dramatic, and intense energy permeating the air, we are all called upon by the universe to release and break free from the shackles and constraints of society. As we release toxic relationships, fears, and self doubt, we may feel mentally taxed. While there is glory and gratification in challenging the norms of society and status quo—it can make us feel energetically drained and in desperate need to clean our auric field.

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