we must die, to be born again 

Over the past year I have undertaken my own version of the heroes descent into the Underworld. Death, darkness, agony, and the like have been my constant companions. I’ve been attracted to songs, tv shows, people, places… anything and everything that offered me insight into the deep darkness of my shadow. 

One misconception that I’ve slowly learned to disregard is to fight it, that only makes everything much worse. What’s being asked of you isn’t to fight… it’s to surrender. To give yourself over to the darkness in order to bring forth your light. 

I know there’s a huge movement right now of positive thinking, the law of attraction, creating your own reality and a lot of other get happy quick bullshit, but before you go about creating the life of your dreams, you need to know what that actually means. I’m not at all saying that positive thinking and mindfulness are bad, I’m simply saying that when life calls you on your journey to the underworld: the more you resist and hold onto the life you had before, the harder it will be. 

Death comes to us in order for us to be reborn. Death teaches us that we are not in control and attachments only lead to suffering. While I realize that all of this sounds rather depressing, quite the opposite is true! 

When you willingly allow yourself to transform and live through your highest Self, all the suffering you experienced before ceases. You begin to live through your heart; open and connected to the abundance of love that has always been present. You selflessly share that love with others. You can’t help it, you are one with everything and everyone around you. 

If you’re currently being called to journey through the Underworld, please know that you are not alone. Everything will be ok. You are stronger than you could possibly know. 

Let go, and surrender yourself to the mystery and magic trying to reach you. You are not forgotten, you are supported and loved.