the beginnings of a podcast

Last night I recorded a voice note instead of video on a whim and decided to make it a thing. I created a SoundCloud profile and will be uploading my thoughts every Sunday, and more often, depending on what’s going on.

I’m excited to try out a new platform and hope this can be a way to better explain some things that are hard to write about (without the pressure of being on camera lol). Anyways, I hope that this will be a helpful new offering and I would love your feedback or suggestions for topics. 

Hopefully this leads to me finally creating some sort of podcast. Click to play

Remembering Your Innate Wisdom 

“Within each action, each thought, each word spoken, each moment, live two realities, two options: one brings flow, connection, a feeling of uplift, the other a heavy blanket that compresses spirit and heart. 

We through our days, are feeling either the winds of uplift or are compressing our bodies and selves. It is time to remember, your bodies own wisdom. To remember the way it feels and responds to your moments, so you may live intentionally as you desire.”

by Sarah Blondin from Live Wake, listen here