sagittarius new moon

Simone Butler at Mooncircles

“The year that’s wrapping up has been a confusing and frustrating one for many of us. Yet since Jupiter entered its own sign of Sagittarius early last month, hope is on the horizon. Not necessarily in terms of external matters – although they may well improve, especially in the sector of your chart that Jupiter triggers – but in terms of altered perceptions and inspiration leading to new ways of thinking and acting.
An auspicious New Moon arrives this week, urging us to get out into nature and celebrate life. But it’s also important to examine the choices we’re making. Are they thoughtful and inclusive? Or born of unconscious pain or fear? This is the looming question at the Sagittarius New Moon (Dec. 6, 11:20 p.m. PST), which squares Mars and Neptune in blurry Pisces.  Sagittarius wants truth, freedom and progress – while action-oriented Mars, in communion with watery Neptune, tends to  act impulsively, without all the facts.  This can lead to a battle of wills over who is right, or becoming lost in the fog and making wrong turns. But it’s also a wonderful time to harness Neptune’s compassionate side and work on behalf of those less fortunate. If in doubt, take that proverbial walk around the lake and let your inner guidance inform you before you take action.”

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April Elliott Kent at Mooncircles

“We step out onto the precipice at this New Moon. Where you feel trapped, you will find yourself yearning to wriggle free. But you don’t have to firebomb your entire life and start over. For most of us, it will be enough to approach the ticking time bombs in our lives cautiously and disarm them with quiet disclosures to the right people and a step, however tentative, in another direction. Ask: Where can you be more truthful, to yourself and to others? What are the secrets and fears that are preventing you from living authentically?
The one thing you can’t do is ignore the untamed animal within you that demands adventure and freedom. If you tie it up too tightly, it will simply bide its time until one day, a door will be left open or a loose screen can be pried away just enough so that you are able to escape. If that time has come, and you are on the verge of throwing away something very important, just be absolutely certain that there is no other choice. Some words can’t be taken back. Some actions are irrevocable. There are things out there that can bite you—and some cats don’t make it back home.”

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Kathy Biehl at Astrology Hub

“This year’s boisterous New Moon in Sagittarius promises high energy, high spirits and high hopes. What will they inspire us to do… It’s the time of the season to reach, run, jump, explore and fly. To spend hours philosophizing over coffee or beer (or debating/ arguing online). To indulge and gamble and laugh – especially when we tumble and end up on our backsides.”

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Mystic Mamma

“There are many moving parts right now as our worlds are being recreated and renewed.
Sagittarius New Moon coupled with Mercury going Direct is unleashing an inspired energetic stream moving us toward liberation as we long to explore new pathways and new avenues.
The energy is exciting, fiery and inspired, wanting to dismantle and begin anew. But we must be mindful in harnessing this energy and take caution against going too far into extremes.
Rather than getting carried away, we can harness this deepening force asking us to face and creatively engage in the transformation afoot. 
For on the deepest level, it is calling us to rise and meet our own deepest needs and longings.
We are responsible for our own happiness and so rather than looking outside, we need to turn inward and ask ourselves, what will ultimately feed and nurture our Soul and what can we do to shift into that alignment?”

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And, as always, the lovely Jaliessa Sipress with your New Moon daily horoscope!

sag new moon

From Kathy Biel at Astrology Hub

“This year’s Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 17/18 has traits that ordinarily don’t surface till New Year’s Eve.

It brings awareness of time passing and chapters ending, even as it orients us to the future. It stirs optimism and possibility in the midst of somberness.  And instead of resolutions, it encourages making concrete wishes that stand a very real chance of manifesting.

It’s equal turns philosophical, serious, retrospective, optimistic and gung-ho for love and money. All of that is imposing, purposeful and larger than life, almost as if the proceedings are expanding across all time/space. Which they might be, given that the Moon is directly at the Galactic Center.”

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From Henry Seltzer at Astrograph

“With Mercury in retrograde, this continues to be, of course, an entirely introspective period of time throughout December. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon may serve to aid us in our process of self-discovery. This is, for the Sun and Moon in the 27th degree of Sagittarius, “A sculptor,” which reminds us that we are continually, out of the materials which come to hand, forging our own character. Marc Edmund Jones refers to “creative ability as the manifestation of self-consciousness in its maturity of realization,” and “the enlarged horizons which follow from an individual’s mastery of their own particular talents.” Indeed, it is up to each of us to unstintingly try to fashion the very best version of ourselves that we can achieve, knowing in our hearts that only this will truly satisfy us for the sake of the future.”

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From the Hoodwitch

“There is a proclivity now towards open and honest exchanges, and seeing things from a more idealistic viewpoint.  Now is a great time to rid  yourself of any meanness, pettiness, or unresolved dramas. Let go of these types of misunderstandings as we now  have the opportunity to create some major transformation, and healing. The Archer  helps  us aim and shoot toward our goals,  but we must be open and receptive to it’s potent energy. With 2018 just around the corner, now is the time to  benefit from forward moving, growth, and expansion. Allow the fires of the Sagittarius  new moon to burn through any and all obstacles/ barriers. The arrow of the archer is in our hands,  be sure to choose it’s direction carefully.”

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