libra new moon guides

I think I’ve been waiting for this new moon my whole life. It’s the perfect initiation into all that I’ve been working and dreaming into existence. Enjoy these lovely guides to help you find your balance point for this yummy lunar cycle.

From Mystic Mamma:

*NEW MOON* in Libra asks us to honor that which abides within, as we restructure how we move in the world of relationships. 
It’s been a time of unearthing, sensing and deep feeling. 
There has been much upheaval as Truth rises to be acknowledged.
More than ever we must remember that nothing goes unseen and our truth will always be a beacon when we stand in our integrity.
We are in relationship with every single thing in our lives, and each relationship is our sacred mirror of Reflection. 
This is a powerful time of integration that serves as a catalyzing moment in our Soul’s journey to wholeness. 
We must be loving with ourselves during this time and find the time to connect deeply with our Soul.

read the entire forecast here.

From Kathy Biehl Astrology Hub:

“Transformation is a given, in goals, tribal/family systems and specific arrangements. The New Moon is squaring evolutionary change agent Pluto in Capricorn. He’s the lord of the underworld, and it’s notable that the asteroid participant in the square, Ceres (conjunct the New Moon), is named for the mythological mother who lost her daughter to him six months out of the year. She’s pushing back now, adding issues of nourishment and the mother/child relationship to the growth imperative.

“The old guard and the old ways can fight all they want. Resistance is futile.”

read the entire forecast here.

From Lisa Stardust for The Hoodwitch:

With all the chaotic, dramatic, and intense energy permeating the air, we are all called upon by the universe to release and break free from the shackles and constraints of society. As we release toxic relationships, fears, and self doubt, we may feel mentally taxed. While there is glory and gratification in challenging the norms of society and status quo—it can make us feel energetically drained and in desperate need to clean our auric field.

read the entire forecast and get access to the cleansing ritual here.

And don’t miss Jaliessa Sipress writing for i-D’s daily horoscopes! Giving us all the the new moon guidance we need today.

march madness 🌙

Spring is coming!

There is so much awesome energy on the way to help us continue our transformation into the best us we can be. I’m so excited to continue exploring and working with all the fresh magic I can feel, just in time for Spring.

Here are some of my favorite forecasts for what we can expect during March 🙂


Jessica Lanyadoo for The Hoodwitch

“There’s so much going on this week that it’s important to remember to breathe. The bottom line is that life is not a collection of details – it’s the whole picture. You may be having a rough time now, but that doesn’t mean that you will tomorrow. If you find that you’re losing perspective, take a step back and take a moment to get present. You don’t need to be perfect, you only need to be whole. You don’t need to know what’s coming next, you only need to do your best in the here and now.
On the 1st we have a fertile Full Moon in Virgo at 4:51pmPST. What are you willing to let go of in order to make room for something better? The Sun is in idealistic Pisces, while the Moon is in boots-on-the-ground Virgo. It’s time to pour your heart and efforts into what you love. How can you love what you have to do, even when it’s a boner? This is a period to explore the idea of perfection; what is it, really? Find it in the mundane, in the profane, in the weeds, and in the valleys. Perfection is right here, right now because the present moment could be no other way than as it is. Perfection requires presence and acceptance – not an OCD attention to purity but an embracing of this moment – the good, the bad, and the ugly of it.
Let go of distractions, and be here for the beauty of what is. Gear your actions in service to what you can help improve. This isn’t the time to lament what could’ve or should’ve been. Deal directly with what is, and try to let go of what doesn’t serve that purpose.”

read the entire forecast here


Leslie Benson for Astrograph

“The Full Moon in Virgo, opposite the Sun, still swimming through Pisces, brings our awareness to the processes of purification, our orientation in tending to life’s nitty gritty details, and the polarity (or perhaps paradox) of mundane life amidst the Great Mystery of our existence. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, and Pisces is a mutable water sign, so when the Full Moon falls on this axis there is an opportunity both for being open to the possibility and opportunities for change, yet also attempting to stabilize amidst the topsy-turvy feelings that can come up when things are too much in flux. Add to that a whopping dose of Neptune (located in the sign of his rulership in Pisces, plus conjunct AND parallel the Sun) and we have ourselves a vast, numinous, and oceanic atmosphere for this Full Moontime. Neptune’s wisdom helps us see into the ethers, opening our perception to just how gorgeously magnificent and miraculous our universe – and our place within it – can truly be. This opening and expansion in awareness can also sometimes create a state of confusion or feeling lost at sea, especially when that larger than life energy comes into contact with areas in our psyche or system which are, for whatever reason, resistant or contracted against full acceptance of Universal Love.” 


Kathy Biel for Astrology Hub

“Longing for sanity? Solid ground? This year’s Virgo Full Moon on March 1/2, 2018 has your fix.
It’s powering up our abilities to analyze, communicate and problem solve, even as emotional high tides crest.
Welcome possibilities all, as we emerge from recent eclipses into a Pisces-dominated sky.
The Moon is beaming down anchors – or life preservers – as we float on the sea of life. Or flounder, as it’s felt for some of us lately.
Don’t expect a smooth ride, though. This Full Moon teems with factors that could cloud and complicate perceptions and actions. … All this water is linking us effortlessly. Connecting is deep, profound, candid and revealing. Granted, fears can bubble up through that link to infect relationships, but so can intense feelings that you may not have allowed yourself to acknowledge.”

read the entire forecast here


Pat Lilies for Mystic Mamma

“If your mind and head talk are holding you at arms length from self acceptance of all that you are, take up Jupiter’s offer to free you from the psychological skeletons that you are dragging into the arena of new opportunities. 
“With so much Piscean support, Mercury can help you surrender mentally and use your feminine, water nature to guide you into union with that which is greater than self. 
“One teaching indigenous people embody and share in their rituals and daily lives is the ability to turn over guilt, burdens and sufferings to higher power ~ a profound and simple act that western cultures seem to lack and therefore, unnecessarily carry physical, mental and emotional loads in their daily lives. 
“Use this Full Moon to surrender your heart, your mind, your burdens to Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky. 
“Your task is not guilt or suffering, but gratitude.”

read the entire forecast here

Happy Winter Solstice!!

I slept in today and kept having the coolest recurring dream. You know when a pebble is dropped in water and it ripples outward? My body was like the pebble and there were waves of light rippling out from the center of me into eternity.

Inside of the light waves I could feel the truest form of myself breaking through louder and louder, until it was crashing loud and proud throughout all that is. I could feel this return of light transforming and catalyzing me to a new state. Pure Magic.

Doing my best to harness all this powerful energy available right now (saturn moving into capricorn, mercury stationing, winter solstice…) I’m going to yoga in a few and then coming home to do a little Winter Solstice ritual to honor the return of light within the deepest, darkest night.

Winter is my favorite season because everything is so quiet and it’s finally time to slow down, and “bring your outside, inside.” If you’re interested in more info about the Winter Solstice… and maybe even creating your own ceremony check out these awesome resources:


Solstice Blessings LIGHT! by Mystic Mamma

“Dearest Light*beings! 
On the Solstice, we honor the Light, we remember the Light, we celebrate the Light. These seasonal turning points remind us of the essential, the elemental…wherein lies our planetary unity.
Whether we welcome Winter in the Northern hem or Summer in the Southern hem, we enter a new cycle. We cross over a new threshold.”


Winter Solstice 2017 by The Hoodwitch  

“Winter solstice marks the onset of winter and the darkest day of the year. With the darkest day of the year, however, we have the cycle turning over to move back toward the light. Its a reminder that as soon as we hit our darkest point, there is a light on the other side.”


How to Create Your Own Solstice Ritual by Kathy Biel for Astrology Hub

“In both hemispheres, the day comes with the sensation that time has stopped — which is exactly the meaning of the word “solstice” — a mashup of the Latin for “Sun” (Sol) and “standing still” (sistere).
This stillpoint has inspired traditions throughout the globe and history. From the ancient Celts to Persia to Rome, from Yule logs to Menorahs, humans have used fire and light to celebrate the Sun. Winter customs encourage the light to return, while the summer honor its fullness.
Wherever you are, you can draw on these ancient impulses to experience stillness and celebrate the light.”

sag new moon

From Kathy Biel at Astrology Hub

“This year’s Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 17/18 has traits that ordinarily don’t surface till New Year’s Eve.

It brings awareness of time passing and chapters ending, even as it orients us to the future. It stirs optimism and possibility in the midst of somberness.  And instead of resolutions, it encourages making concrete wishes that stand a very real chance of manifesting.

It’s equal turns philosophical, serious, retrospective, optimistic and gung-ho for love and money. All of that is imposing, purposeful and larger than life, almost as if the proceedings are expanding across all time/space. Which they might be, given that the Moon is directly at the Galactic Center.”

read the entire forecast here

From Henry Seltzer at Astrograph

“With Mercury in retrograde, this continues to be, of course, an entirely introspective period of time throughout December. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon may serve to aid us in our process of self-discovery. This is, for the Sun and Moon in the 27th degree of Sagittarius, “A sculptor,” which reminds us that we are continually, out of the materials which come to hand, forging our own character. Marc Edmund Jones refers to “creative ability as the manifestation of self-consciousness in its maturity of realization,” and “the enlarged horizons which follow from an individual’s mastery of their own particular talents.” Indeed, it is up to each of us to unstintingly try to fashion the very best version of ourselves that we can achieve, knowing in our hearts that only this will truly satisfy us for the sake of the future.”

read the entire forecast here

From the Hoodwitch

“There is a proclivity now towards open and honest exchanges, and seeing things from a more idealistic viewpoint.  Now is a great time to rid  yourself of any meanness, pettiness, or unresolved dramas. Let go of these types of misunderstandings as we now  have the opportunity to create some major transformation, and healing. The Archer  helps  us aim and shoot toward our goals,  but we must be open and receptive to it’s potent energy. With 2018 just around the corner, now is the time to  benefit from forward moving, growth, and expansion. Allow the fires of the Sagittarius  new moon to burn through any and all obstacles/ barriers. The arrow of the archer is in our hands,  be sure to choose it’s direction carefully.”

read the entire forecast here

hope is finally here!

Instead of forcing myself to be productive today, I let myself rest. I took a hot shower and then snuggled in my bed all day drifting in and out of dreamland. It was wonderful.

I decided this week that I would practice being and integrating instead of continually pushing myself to check things off on my to do list. Usually I don’t give myself time to process and just jump ahead to the next task… but I started to realize how unhealthy this is. Resiliency can be a blessing and a curse.

Then I read The Hoodwitch’s Witch Tips & Horoscopes for this week and the questions I had been asking myself were answered. Isn’t it funny how that happens?

I hope you can feel the change in the air too! I finally feel free to follow my dreams even though I don’t know where that will lead. Being able to progress forward without the pressure of everything coming out perfect is exactly what I needed!

astrology stuff…

Everything around me has been feeling so weird lately. Hazy or maybe just hard to understand. Like there’s not bottom to it…

anyways, here are some articles I’ve been reading to try and find some clarity.

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